New in Nashville Spotify Playlist

New in Nashville Spotify Playlist

Our primary goal at Blue Bandana Records is to help build an audience for emerging artists and songwriters.

As a songwriter, I spend quite a bit of time in Nashville, Tennessee, and I am privileged to listen to some fantastic songs, many of which will never receive national distribution and airplay and some of which will never even be recorded and heard outside of the listening rooms in Music City.

I have decided to curate those songs that do get recorded and released in a Spotify playlist called New in Nashville. New in Nashville isn’t limited to just country music, but all commercially viable formats from independent artists as well as some emerging national acts.

Certainly not by any intent, the list currently happens to skew toward female artists. Those of you who feel that the mainstream country radio, in particular, has a void of female talent, you may find this playlist refreshing.

The order isn’t significant – so put it on shuffle! Furthermore, the songs are not limited to residents of Nashville, but all of the songs on the list are from the wonderful and talented artists and songwriters I have met during my time in Nashville.

Please share this play list and send recommendations and requests via the below form. If you are an artist on the list, please contact me about your new releases so I can keep the mix current.

Lastly, if you enjoy the songs on this list, please support the artists by attending their concerts, introducing their music to friends, buying their merchandise (t-shirts, hats, koozies, luncboxes, etc.), and buying their music.

For more information about music revenue and the challenges artists and songwriters currently face, click here: Music Revenue in the Streaming Age


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